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Greece: Sea Turtle Family Project

Lakonikos Bay is located in the southernmost part of mainland Greece also known as the Peloponnese. The largest town in the area is Patra (170,000 inhabitants), one of the most important ports in Greece. Lakonikas Bay is a major nesting area for loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean. Every year, around 200 nests are protected on the 23.5 km of beach in the bay.

About the project
This project started in 1983 in view of protecting sea turtles and their habitats in Greece. The emphasis of the organization is on monitoring and research, developing and implementing management plans, habitat restoration, raising public awareness and rehabilitating sick and injured turtles. Volunteers play a very important part in the running of the project. Every year over 500 volunteers from all over the world are invited to help and make a difference.

Volunteer work and contribution
Families actively participate in the project by helping the teams of volunteers with daily activities. Families will receive an independent schedule on arrival. Depending on the age of the children, the family will be involved in:

Providing information to the public on sea turtles. Public awareness activities help people understand the importance of respecting the natural environment
Protecting the marine environment against the degradation of the ecosystem
Protecting nests against human activities and predation from foxes and other mammals
Morning and night surveys recording daily nesting activity
Working hours and days: Project hours are 4 to 5 hours a day. As a family you will receive an independent schedule.

Families are responsible for arranging their own transportation, accommodation and food. We suggest you stay at the project's camp situated within the camping Meltini
www.campingmeltemi.gr/ . 10% discount is offered.

Not just work...During your free time, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and beaches of Peloponnese. You can also visit Patra and the attractive squares, neo-classical buildings of this working harbour city. Gythio is another attactive destination - a  fishing town with 19th-century buildings.

Minimum requirements
Children: 8 to 18 years old
Adults: up to 70 years old
Conversational English
Good physical fitness
Motivation to work with sea turtles in a public environment
Full travel & medical insurance
Immunizations (please consult your doctor) 

To apply for this program, see Sea Turtle Family Project 


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