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Ghana: Coastal Community Aid

Come join us in Ada Foah in Ghanas Dangme East District where you will provide education and humanitarian aid in order to further develop and support the communities of this beautiful region. Ada Foah can be found on a peninsula between a palm tree lined lagoon and the open ocean.

About 300,000 people live in Ada Foah many of whom are in poverty. Most work as fishermen or farmers and there are also many street children, abandoned after their parents fled the area. Sadly, Ada Foah is known to have one of the highest orphan rates and the lowest level of income in all of Ghana.

During your stay you will work to support and develop the community in a number of ways. You will assist in the classrooms, promote sustainability, teach adults basic IT skills, work at the hospital, facilitate sports classes, help out at the local radio station and build new homes or schools. Volunteer accommodations are located within walking distance from town, the majority of the project, the school and of course the beach.

As a volunteer you will usually work between 4 and 5 days each week for 10-25 hours depending on the specific project, any special itineraries you may have and volunteer requests. Heres how a typical day could shape out:

  • 7:30 breakfast
  • 8:00 various volunteer activities
  • 11:30 lunch
  • 12:30 cultural or volunteer activities
  • 3:00 playing sports in the village (such as volleyball or football) or helping to cook dinner
  • 6:00 dinner
  • 7:00 time to relax!

Volunteers are given weekends off except for when a special event is planned for the project. It is possible to take time off during the week as long as it is first coordinated with and approved by your volunteer leader.
There are a vast number of projects that you may be involved in during your stay. Participants have a choice of what project they will work on:

Education One of our greatest objectives is to improve the high orphan and low income rates by supporting schoolchildren as well as the broader community. Volunteers will help in the classrooms with one-on-one assistance and lessons on HIV, health, drugs and beach sanitation to name a few topics. Youll also assist in afterschool clubs, introducing new activities like arts and crafts. Volunteers will even help with adult education evening classes in hopes of increasing employment rates.

Community and Livelihood This project allows volunteers to both teach at the local school and work on the construction of new buildings. As the wages of Ghanaian villagers average in on about 1 or 2 dollars each day, it makes it extremely problematic and trying to feed their families and especially to build further community facilities which would promote a better environment in which the children can learn. In this project volunteers will help these families improve the conditions of their surroundings. The school building is especially in need of work as much of it became damaged as a result of past storms. Presently the school is limited to facilities that are less than ideal and the current bamboo classrooms do not provide much protection from the elements. The project is currently working to build a concrete building for the school. You can also assist teachers in the classroom and with lesson plans as well as facilitate afterschool sports clubs and other activities for the students.

Sports Development  Volunteers will run Friday Physical Education class sessions to play sports (the children love volleyball), introduce new activities and information to the children. Volunteers also have the opportunity to teach swimming and water safety lessons to students in the estuary (a crucial skill for people living so near to water). You can also help facilitate afterschool coaching sessions and matches for the football team.

Media and Information Technology As the technology and media field in Ghana rapidly develops, the local radio station, Radio Ada, is experiencing difficulty keeping up with the changes. The station is not government-affiliated and is also non-profit which is why it is dependent upon the work of volunteers and community support. It has become dynamic to the Dangme region as it has kept the people entertained and in-the-know for about 15 years. Volunteer are needed to help the station work to put together IT community workshops which would hopefully improve the chance for potential employment, teaching the community members how to use computers and the internet. Those with experience in digital media, IT, film and accounting skills are most desired for help behind-the-scenes since the station operated in the Dangme language. The station is looking for help to launch a new social media site and website to further modernize it and better connect with its advertisers and audience. You could also conduct internet research, discuss news plans for the day with the station manager or research international stories as presently the station only broadcasts local news. *For this project volunteers must have a laptop.

Medical Placement  There is great opportunity available for those volunteers working to gain medical credentials and looking to gain experience in the field. You could be assigned to work in Dangme East District Hospital which takes a number of in and out patients from Ada Foah and the surrounding areas, mainly in the maternity ward and casualty section which deals with local emergencies. Currently the hospital only employs three fulltime doctors, so a lot of pressure is put on nurses that volunteers can surely alleviate. Depending on the experience that you have you can shadow and even assist the doctors and nurses in their medical procedures. If you do not have medical qualifications, you can still help! Volunteers can shadow hospital staff as well as assist the local staff in patient care.

Project Highlights

  • Immerse yourself into a new culture where you can truly see the impact you make on the lives of the people that live there.
  • Get a chance to appreciate the spectacular beaches and enjoy the laid back Ghanaian lifestyle.
  • Meet the friendly locals and like-minded international volunteers on this incredible once-in-a-lifetime endeavor!

Project Duration
2 - 8 weeks

Participant Requirements

  • Ages 17 70
  • Police clearance form
  • Good English
  • Visa
  • Immunizations (consult with your doctor)
  • Enthusiasm to work with children and experience a new way of life

Project Fees Include

  • Pre-Departure Kit
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Airport transfers included on day of arrival (Friday)
  • Room and board (basic shared rooms in volunteer house and 3 meals daily)
  • Orientation and all required training upon arrival
  • Local staff and 24 hour emergency support

For more information and to apply visit our Ghana: Coastal Community Aid page.

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