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Kenya: Dolphin Conservation in the Indian Ocean

Travel to a remote corner of Kenya on the Indian Ocean and spend your days on this project doing conservation and survey work of the local dolphin populations. On your time off, enjoy the perks of this amazing location while snorkeling the colorful coral reefs, swimming with tropical fish and sea turtles. The dolphins found in this part of the Indian Ocean include Bottlenose, Humpback, and Spinner, and volunteers will have the opportunity to observe and research all of them. Participants will have the opportunity to collect data on the behavior and location of these various dolphin populations and photograph them in order to identify individuals.

Project Highlights
Kenya offers travelers amazing opportunities for adventure and culture. Close to the program location there is the possibility of going on traditional fishing trips with fishermen in dugout canoes, taking Swahili cooking classes and visiting local natural limestone caves. Further afield you have the opportunity to visit Masai Mara game reserve or Serengeti in Tanzania. Masai Mara is the heartland of the Masai people and visiting the area provides a rare cultural experience and the opportunity of seeing lions, leopards, African elephants, and rhinoceroses.

If mountain climbing is your thing, a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the opportunity to climb Africa's tallest mountain might be the challenge you are looking for. A visit to Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, is also a great trip; while the mountain is a much more technical and challenging climb than Mount Kilimanjaro the forests at the base of the mountain offer a great escape from the hot climate, and spotting wildlife there is common.

While on this trip, volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the natural caves near Shimoni. Today these caves provide a home for bats, however, historically they were used for holding slaves before they were transferred to Zanzibar. These caves also served as a safe haven for local people when there were tribal conflicts. You will get a significant glimpse into the life of the local people and a perspective of their history as you visit the local villages.

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