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Sri Lanka: Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation

Travel to beautiful Sri Lanka, visit ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites, walk in the path of Buddhist pilgrims, and swim in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean! Volunteer for turtle conservation on one of Sri Lanka's spectacular beaches and give back to the community while learning about the Sri Lankan way of life.

This project takes place in the quaint oceanside town of Ambalangoda. Fishing is one of the major industries in Ambalangoda and the location of the project is very close to the local fisheries port. Sea turtles are often found in fishing nets and many have lost limbs becoming disabled and are no longer able to survive in the wild. Many of these disabled turtles are found by local Sri Lankans who bring them to the project site for rehabilitation and care.

On this project, volunteers will work closely with local partners in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured sea turtles. They will spend their days on the beach caring for the sea turtles that have been rescued and are now living in the project site.

Responsibilities Include

  • Feeding the turtles
  • Cleaning their water tanks
  • Taking the turtles out of their tanks to spend time with them on the beach
  • Collecting turtle eggs and bringing them to a safe location for them to hatch
  • Re-releasing hatched baby turtles into the sea
  • Giving talks to educational and tourist groups who come to visit the project
  • Beach maintenance

Project Highlights

  • Full room and board are provided for volunteers during their stay
  • Explore the exciting city of Kandy on the orientation included with tours and cultural introductions
  • Comprehensive travel and health insurance coverage is provided for volunteers throughout their participation
  • Experience the exhilaration of releasing a rehabilitated or baby sea turtle back to the wild!
  • Meet locals and like-minded volunteers from around the world!

Participant Requirements

  • Minimum age 17 years old
  • Good physical fitness
  • Ability to work well in a group
  • Willing to work hard and get your hands dirty

For more information and to apply visit our Sri Lanka: Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation page.

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