Volunteering in Israel

Table to Table

Table to Table collects excess food by day and night, throughout Israel. Among our projects:

Night-time Food Rescue

More than 600 committed Table to Table volunteers pick up excess, unsold food from catered events during the late evening hours. They immediately transport the food to one of Table to Table's partner agencies within close range of the pick-up area, or to our refrigerated warehouse in Ra'anana for delivery to agencies the following morning. Table to Table currently collects food from between 100 to 200 events per week, from event halls throughout Israel. Our volunteers are male and female, religious and secular and many are new immigrants to Israel. For more details, click here.

Collection of Excess Food from Corporate Cafeterias and Army Bases

During the day-time, Table to Table's three refrigerated trucks collect excess food from over 20 corporate cafeterias and army bases, rescuing thousands of meals weekly.

Grade "B" Fruit and Vegetables from Farmers and Packing Houses

The typical Israeli farmer and packing house only sells 75-80% of the fruits and vegetables they grow. 20-25% of the produce falls into the category of "Grade B", meaning that the produce is not presentable enough for sale but fit for eating. Until Table to Table came along, most farmers and packing houses would throw this produce away. Now instead, Table to Table enters with groups of volunteers to sort through the "Grade B" produce and distribute all of the good fruits and vegetables to our partner agencies. Working with over 15 farmers and packing houses, Table to Table typically collects over 10 tons (10,000 KG) of fruits and vegetables per week through this project.

Project Leket: Fruit Picking for Israel's Needy

Thousands of Israeli farmers decide, for one reason or another, not to harvest all of their produce during the harvest season. In the past, all of this fruit - thousands of tons yearly - would have been left to rot and gone to waste. Through Project Leket, Table to Table enters into the fields of consenting farmers with groups of volunteers to pick and gather all the fruit and vegetables not harvested. Thousands of Israelis, including schools, army units, youth groups, companies, and the general public have come picking in the three months since Project Leket was initiated, collecting over 120 tons of fruits and vegetables, and a great time for all!

Excess Food from Manufacturers

Major food manufacturers in Israel, like their counterparts throughout the world, produce millions of fresh products a week. Often, a small percentage of their production remains unsold, and as the expiry date approached, most manufacturers were forced to throw their overproduction to waste. Table to Table provided an alternative. Now, instead of throwing away their overproduction, Table to Table works with major manufacturers to collect and distribute tens of thousands of products per week.

For more information: http://www.tabletotable.org.il/english/

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