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South Africa: Elephant and Rhino Conservation and Research

Come to South Africa and work among rhinos and elephants in this world-famous game reserve. Track their natural behaviors to give us insight into how we can prevent extinction and provide them with the best possible environment in which to thrive.

Elephants and rhinos both have a long history of clashing with humans in the area through poaching and hunting. The reserve provides safety for the animals from these harmful and destructive human behaviors as well as a natural environment to do research on these magnificent animals to track their behaviors and better accommodate for their needs in the area.

This game reserve has collaborated with other reserves, Universities, and local communities to work on conserving the wildlife population in the area. They have raised money to introduce educational programming to the local communities regarding biodiversity and natural resource management to raise awareness about, as well as strengthen these communities' commitment to, the preservation of natural life in the area.

As a volunteer on this project, you will assist with the research involved in tracking and studying these beautiful and complex animals. You will perform duties necessary to maintaining a natural and compatible living environment for the wildlife inhabiting the reserve.

Your daily duties may include:

  • Monitoring the behavior, movement, and feeding patterns of elephants
  • Monitoring the rhino population (often done at night, as rhinos are nocturnal animals)
  • Capturing data to assist with ongoing endangered species research
  • Finding and removing snares
  • Physical work to regenerate natural African bush from recovered farmland
  • Alien plant removal from reserve grounds

Project Highlights

  • Wake up amongst the natural surroundings and wildlife of the reserve in comfortable cabin accommodations on the reserve grounds.
  • Enjoy 3 meals a day provided by the project
  • Work alongside top researchers in the field of wildlife conservation
  • Meet locals and like-minded volunteers from around the world on this opportunity of a lifetime!

Participant Requirements

  • Minimum age 18 years old
  • Good physical fitness
  • Good level of English
  • Motivation to work for animals
  • Willing to work hard and with a team

For more information and to apply visit our South Africa: Elephant and Rhino Conservation and Research page.

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