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Zambia: Livingstone Medical and Community Outreach

Immerse yourself in the unique Zambian lifestyle while providing the residents of Livingstone with vital medical care. Gain valuable experience in the medical field or share your knowledge with others while working with the dedicated nurses and medical staff of local under-served clinics.

This project aims to provide the severely under-staffed and poorly-resourced medical clinics in Livingstone and the surrounding areas with volunteers who are eager to make a difference in peoples' lives. There is no need for prior medical knowledge, however those with specialized medical experience will be appropriately utilized and greatly appreciated for their contributions.

Volunteers will spend the mornings at one of the multiple healthcare projects listed below:

Clinic assistance: the clinics in the area are severely under-staffed, so the nurses here greatly appreciate any assistance volunteers can provide to decrease their work-load and ensure more efficient and effective treatment of patients.

Home-based care: the bed-ridden and immobile patients of Livingstone are visited at home for their treatments. Most of these patients suffer from long-term diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, or malaria.

HIV education and health talks: community education regarding health issues is fairly low and a great way to help prevent a large portion of the country's health problems. With this part of the project, you will collaborate with a group to think of new and creative ways to reach the community and spread HIV/AIDS awareness, basic hygiene information, and the importance of healthy living (diet and exercise).

Elderly home: this elderly home is poorly funded by the government and the residents often have no family or caretakers to look after them.

HIV education in prisons: the prisoner population is one that is at a high risk and extremely vulnerable for contracting and spreading HIV/AIDS. Volunteers specifically designated to this project will spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and discuss topics such as prevention, living positively once infected, and removing the stigma associated with it.

After your morning medical work, you will have the option to participate in other community projects throughout the area. These include building and construction projects, farming, reading club, art club, adult literacy club, after school clubs, and study groups.

Project Highlights

  • Accommodations are provided in a comfortable volunteer house close to town
  • 3 meals a day are provided
  • Gain valuable experience in the medical field working alongside professionals
  • Make a difference in local communities and individuals
  • Meet locals and like-minded volunteers from all over the world on this experience of a lifetime!

Participant Requirements

  • Minimum age 18
  • Police background check
  • Basic level of English
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Motivation to help others

For more information and to apply visit our Zambia: Livingstone Medical and Community Outreach page.

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