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Zambia: Livingstone Sports and Community Development

Come visit Zambia and work toward the physical fitness initiatives in Livingstone while making a lasting impression on the children and communities you will be working for. Bring your love for sports and inspire the children to set goals, work hard, and have fun!

The aim of this project focuses on introducing the communities in Livingstone to the value and importance of physical activity in every person's life. Support the initiative which emphasizes that sports can be used as a healthy and beneficial vehicle for education on a wide variety of topics and life skills from HIV/AIDS awareness, to nutrition and healthy living education, to instilling values such as teamwork, focus, and commitment in participating children.

With this project, volunteers will be utilizing their passion for sports and activity and inspiring the same in the communities in Livingstone. There are various placements volunteers may be working with:

Physical education in schools: here you will spend your mornings in schools throughout the community teaching physical education to both students and teachers. You will be provided with a curriculum book for lesson planning and will be teaching both practical and theoretical skills and ideas behind physical education. In order to progress toward a more self-sustaining curriculum for physical education, you will be instructing the teachers on the importance of physical education in schools as well as how to properly teach the subject. And of course, you will be leading games and activities for the children during their designated physical education time.

Training teams: the Livingstone community has some all-boys community soccer teams that enable boys of all ages, whether or not they are in school, to play on a soccer team. Here, you will help the coaches run practices and games and will contribute any tips and experience you have to the training teams, on and off the field.

Physiotherapy at a senior living home: here, volunteers will be working with the elderly at a senior living home, walking them through basic exercises to keep them mobile and healthy. You will receive an exercise schedule created by a trained physiotherapist to ensure that you are performing safe and appropriate exercises with often fragile participants.

Keep in mind that although your schedule is determined by one of the above projects, our volunteer coordinators are always flexible and appreciate volunteers who come with their own unique experiences and skill sets. If you have something else in mind you would like to work towards, let us know and we will do our best to place you with work that will be meaningful and relevant for you as well as exciting for the kids.

After your morning sports activities, you will have the option to participate in other community development projects throughout the area. These include:
building and construction projects, home based care, farming, reading club, art club, adult literacy club, a senior living home, a study group, and after school clubs.

Project Highlights

  • Accommodations are provided for volunteers in a large, comfortable house close to town
  • 3 meals a day are provided during the week
  • Explore the area on your ample free time and get to know Livingstone as a local
  • Meet locals and like-minded volunteers from around the world on this experience of a lifetime!

Participant Requirements

  • Minimum age 17
  • Police background check
  • Motivation to work with children
  • Basic level of English
  • Passion for physical activity

For more information and to apply visit our Zambia: Livingstone Sports and Community Development page.

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