Volunteering in Israel

The mission of the National Council for Volunteering in Israel is to help all Israeli's find meaningful and fulfilling volunteer opportunities. The iVolunteer portal is presented in both Hebrew and English in order to reach the entire Israeli population, including the English speaking Anglos.

Please view the list of organizations that have been compiled for your benefit, and please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Additionally, if you would like us to publicize your organization, please email us at the above address and provide us with the necessary information.

Please note: If you would like more information about a particular volunteer position or if you would like to apply for a specific position, please contact the organization directly. The contact information for all of the positions is listed under the description.

Wishing you luck, success, and fulfillment in all of your volunteer endeavors,

The National Council for Volunteering in Israel

  Animal Ambassador
  Art Instruction in Raanan: Esra

  Bekol: For Hard of Hearing and Deaf People: Volunteers Neede: Esra
  Benjamin Children's Library
  Blind People Seeking Volunteers in Tel Avi: Esra
  BUSTAN Green Internships

  Clean Watch Volunteer
  Computer Skills for Disadvantaged Youth in Tel Aviv: Esra

  Deliver Food for the Disadvantaged in Tel Avi: Esra
  Donation: School Tables and Chairs

  ELEM: Someone to Run With
  English Speakers Needed to Help Children with their English: Esra
  Esra's New Bereavement Counseling Program

  Food for Life

  GoEco: Volunteer in Israel

  Hannah's Esra Nursery in Ein Vered
  Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens
  Help Handicapped Children in Hadera
  Homeless Youth Center

  Israel Assosicaiton for Ethiopian Jews: Translating
  Israel Museum
  Israeli Police Traffic Department

  LATET Health Program
  LATET: Fight Poverty
  Lone Soldier Adoption

  Malki Fund: Paid Internship
  METUNA: The Organization for Road Safety

  National Council for Volunteering in Israel: Website Management
  Nearly New Shop in Raanan: Esra
  Netanya Sewing Center: Esra

  One Family Fund
  Online Volunteering

  Secretary: Table to Table

  Table to Table
  Table to Table: Volunteers Needed in Raanan: Esra
  Tishkofet: Volunteers for Exhibit
  Translating: Israel Women Networ: Esra

  Yad B'Yad Hotline
  Yad Ezra V'Shulamit: Distributing 2,500 Food Baskets Weekly
  Yad Sarah

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