Volunteering in Israel
Environmental volunteerism in Israel
Tens of thousands of environmentally minded citizens have already joined the system.

Thousands of Israeli volunteers promote animal welfate
Did you know that Israel has "animal ambassadors"?

National Volunteer Service in Israel
The importance in Israeli society of service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is well known. Less well known are the voluntary alternatives to serving in the IDF through National Service.

Civic Service in Israel
This article presents an overview of the different forms that civic service
has taken in Israel, with the predominant form being the national youth service.

OD in all volunteer organizations - The case of Hadassah Israel
Volunteer organizations throughout the world face the need to become more professionalized in order to survive and to better fulfill their goals

Israel's "Clean Coast" volunteers
The Ministry of the Environment has called on the public to help establish a cadre of "Clean Coast" volunteer.

Guide to being a Kibbutz volunteer in Israel
This free guide will offer tips, hints and information on being a kibbutz volunteer, what Israel is like and what you can get up to over there.

About iVolunteer
iVolunteer is Israel's leading web portal on volunteering.

The 2009 ("5769" Hebrew Year) President's award for the volunteer candidacy submission has started…
The award is granted annually to volunteers, institutes and organizations by Israel's president.

Their finest hour - being young and a volunteer
Martin Buber claimed: "Youth is the eternal chance for happiness of mankind, the chance for happiness that is offered ever anew and injured by it ever anew".


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