Volunteering in Israel
Volunteering and leadership
Taken from Dr. Aharon York's lecture during the annual convention of "Ler" institute, which dealt with managing volunteering in "Yad Sara".

All Age Volunteering - A Unique Project Initiated During IYV In ISRAEL: Legal Aid Centers and Volunt
One of the more original and unique programs initiated in Israel during IYV and relating to volunteers of all ages, though actively practiced primarily by middle aged adults, is the establishment of the "In-court Voluntary Legal Aid Centers".

Volunteerism in Israel
Almost one third of all Israelis are volunteers. In fact, Israel itself may be regarded to be the result of a very successful voluntary effort.

Volunteering in Israel: Draft Law No. 335
The Knesset passed Draft Law No. 335, which will result in the revocation and elimination of the Employer Tax as of January 1, 2008

Scope of Internet Usage among Volunteers in Israel and the World
In the U.S., about 1.6 million non-profit organizations, in England about 170 Thousand organizations, in Israel about 21,522 associations

Analyzing Internet-Based Collaborations
What motivates people to contribute to them? This exploratory study catalogues the features conducive to the success of such collaborations, focusing on the reduced costs of both individual contributions and the social organization of production.

Volunteerism: The beautiful side of Israeli society
There are 24,000 active volunteer organizations in Israel.

Learn about Israel's Third Sector
A new study shows that non-profit organizations in Israel employ 11% of the workforce

Characteristics of Volunteersim
The volunteer movement in Israel is percieved as the basis for social development

Guide to being a Kibbutz volunteer in Israel
This free guide will offer tips, hints and information on being a kibbutz volunteer.


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