Volunteering in Israel
Volunteers Should not be Second-Class Taxpayers
The rising gas prices have caused volunteers to fight for their rights. The government has not been recognizing the contribution of volunteers on the community.

OD in All Volunteer Organizations: The Case of Hadassah Israel
Volunteer organizations throughout the world face the need to become more professionalized in order to survive and to better fulfill their goals which usually are

Almost one third of all Israelis are volunteers. In fact, Israel itself may be regarded to be the result of a very successful voluntary effort. Zionism, the movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland, rallied political support and engaged in practical work, entirely on a voluntary basis. Moreover, the Zionist movement created voluntary agencies to serve the individual and the community while still under British rule.

Turning a Gift Into a Powerful Tool: The Internet's Impact on the Volunteer Field
Ideas and suggestions on ways of using the internet successfully as a volunteer tool.

Volunteering: The Tenuous Thread
There's something about volunteering that gives me cause for thought
Reprinted from the "Esra" Magazine # 141, September-October 2007, page 86.

The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook
How to Apply the Principles of Real-World Volunteer Management to Online Service

Marketing Tips for Volunteer Organizations
If we are not the cheerleader for volunteers, who will be? Some marketing tips

Benefits and Barriers of Using the Internet in the Non-Profit Sector
The internet is an important toll for communication between non-profit organizations

Volunteering for the 'Right' Causes
You might not know it but Australia is in the midst of an illuminating wide-ranging natural social experiment

Myths about Virtual Volunteering
Here is a list of 12 of the most common myths about online volunteering


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