Volunteering in Israel
How to Recruit Adult Volunteers
16 essential tips for recruiting adult volunteers

New Survey Dispels Myth of Apathetic Teens
Volunteering is alive and well in Canada, with almost 12 million Canadians contributing close to two billion volunteer hours

Volunteerism in Latin America
Latin America has enormous voluntary potential that could significantly contribute to the improvement of the region's serious social obstacles

Targeted Volunteer Recruitment
The most effective style of volunteer recruitment is targeted recruitment"

From Barriers to Bridges
Why dont more people volunteer? What is it that stops them making that first approach, or causes them to back out after making an initial enquiry?

Guide to Rewarding Volunteers
Rewards are a great way to maintain volunteers in your organization. Six tips on how to reward volunteers.

United Nations Volunteers
United Nations Volunteers Newletter #98 (2005)

Civicus Civil Society
April 2006 issue

Jewish Text Sources on Community Service
The commandment to volunteer and help others can be found throughout Jewish texts

Turning a Gift into a Powerful Tool
The internet can change the field of volunteerism. Here are ideas and suggestions on ways of using the internet successfully as a volunteer tool.


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