Volunteering in Israel

The National Council for Volunteering in Israel is extremely passionate about volunteering. We at the Council urge everyone to get involved in both local communities and communities abroad. To assist people in finding volunteer positions abroad, we have compiled a selection of organizations accepting volunteers. If you have another oragnization that you are interested in volunteering in, please contact us and we will try to assist you in finding a suitable placement.

The National Council for Volunteering in Israel would like to thank you for devoting yourself to volunteering and wish you the best of luck in your volunteering endeavors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

  Argentina: Community Work in Buenos Aires and Patagonia
  Argentina: Spanish Language and Community Projects in Cףrdoba
  Australia: Australian Conservation Experience

  Bolivia: Orphan Children Program
  Bolivia: Teaching English
  Botswana: Wildlife Tracking and Conservation Park

  Cambodia: Teaching and Community Development
  China: Community Aid and Teaching in Fengyan
  China: Giant Panda Center
  China: Paid Teaching
  China: Teach and Travel
  Costa Rica: Community Involvement in Costa Rica
  Costa Rica: Jaguar Research and Conservation
  Costa Rica: Rainforest Expedition
  Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Conservation

  Fight Poverty and HIV/AIDS
  Fiji: Dolphin Conservation and Marine Education
  Fiji: Teaching Children of the Yasawa Islands

  Ghana: Coastal Community Aid
  Ghana: Teaching and Orphanage Work
  Greece: Sea Turtle Family Project
  Guatemala: Antigua Childcare and Community

  India: Teaching and Orphanage Work in Goa
  Indonesia: Orangutan Conservation Expedition
  Italy: Rome International Hospitality Experience

  Kenya: Community Work and Medical Outreach
  Kenya: Disabled and Vulnerable Community Involvement
  Kenya: Dolphin Conservation in the Indian Ocean
  Kenya: Masai Mara Lion and Wildlife Conservation
  Kenya: Teaching and Orphan Care
  Kenya: Wildlife Conservation

  Madagascar: Diving and Marine Research
  Madagascar: Wildlife Research and Conservation
  Maldives: Sea Turtle Conservation
  Mexico: Diving for Marine Conservation
  Mexico: Jaguar Conservation in the Yucatan Peninsula

  Nepal: Orphanage and Teaching in Katmandu
  Nepal: Teaching in Buddhist Monasteries
  Nepal: Volunteers needed in the Education Sector
  New Zealand: New Zealand Conservation Experience

  One Family Fund: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program
  One Family Fund: Host Terror Victims in Your Homes

  Peru: Helping Underprivileged Children
  Portugal: Porto Hospitality Internship

  Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel in Manhattan
  Seychelles: Scuba Dive for Research and Conservation
  South Africa: Animal Rescue and Veterinary Shelter
  South Africa: Big Cats Research and Conservation
  South Africa: Cape Town Orphan Care
  South Africa: Cape Town Physical Education and Sports
  South Africa: Cape Town Teaching and Community
  South Africa: Elephant and Rhino Conservation and Research
  South Africa: Great White Shark Conservation
  South Africa: Lion Park
  South Africa: Medical Outreach and HIV/Aids Awareness
  South Africa: Orphan Day Care
  South Africa: Over 30's Cape Town Community Aid
  South Africa: Tiger and Lion Park
  South Africa: Ultimate Wildlife and Social Volunteer Experience
  South Africa: Whale Tourism and Conservation
  South Africa: Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  South Africa: Wildlife Sanctuary
  South Africa:Wildlife Photography and Conservation
  Spain: Conservation Projects in the Valencia Region
  Spain: Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona
  Spain: Education and Development in Valencia
  Sri Lanka: Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation

  Tanzania: Dolphin and Marine Conservation
  Tanzania: Kilimanjaro Teaching and Community Involvement
  Tanzania: Zanzibar Community Outreach
  Thailand: Akha Hilltribe Aid and Experience
  Thailand: Gibbon Primate Sanctuary
  Thailand: Learn,Volunteer and Travel

  UK: Supporting People with Disabilities

  Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement and Support
  Volunteer Abroad in Construction/Community Development Projects
  Volunteer Abroad: Child Care/Orphanages Projects
  Volunteer Abroad: Conservation and Environmental Projects
  Volunteer Abroad: Education/Vocation Projects
  Volunteer Abroad: HIV/AIDS Awareness Projects
  Volunteer Abroad: Language & Cultural Immersion
  Volunteer Abroad: Medical and Dental Projects

  Zambia: Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation
  Zambia: Livingstone Community Teaching
  Zambia: Livingstone Medical and Community Outreach
  Zambia: Livingstone Sports and Community Development
  Zambia:Chimpanzee Rehabilitation and Care
  Zimbabwe: Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation
  Zimbabwe: Lions and Orphaned Elephants
  Zimbabwe: Orphanage and Teaching in Victoria Falls
  Zimbabwe: Wildlife Photography and Conservation in Victoria Falls

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