Volunteering in Israel

Rights and Obligations of Volunteers in Organizations

The National Council for Voluntarism in Israel has unified the issues linked to volunteer work into a professional code

The National Council for Volunterism in Israel, Israels umbrella organization for organizations using volunteers, has set itself the goal of unifying the issues linked to volunteer work into a standard, defined, and professional code.

Applying and assimilating this code as an ethical manifesto among the countrys organizations using volunteers is central to the Councils vision. This manifesto weaves the many separate threads into a whole which will then serve to position volunteering as a worthy human resource, that will provide positive and vital social activism, based on a common language dedicated to both professionalism and sensitivity.

The code Translated into English by: Lior Keinan and Norman Silbert

Code of Ethics for the Volunteer  Code of Ethics for the Volunteer

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