Volunteering in Israel

The National Council for Volunteering in Israel runs smoothly and efficiently thanks to its staff and management.

The staff comprises of:
- Academics from Israeli Universities
- Israel's Business Sector
- Representatives from Israeli Government Institutions
- The Third Sector Representatives
- Volunteers

Portal Management

Dr Mike Naftali       Chairman

Matty Weill            General Manager, National Council of Volunteering

Nava Ben Moshe    Portal Management


Steering Committee Members

Ahuva Marziano     Intel

Yael Berg             Joint Israel

Elik Cohen           Daronet

Mike Naftali          The National Council for Volunteering

Nava Ben Moshe   The National Council for Volunteering

Matty Weill           The National Council for Volunteering

Eli Carmeli           Jewish Agency

Margalit Goldstein Yad Sarah

Efrat Kaufan         Microsoft Israel

Dani Shefer         Welfare Office

David Knafo         Welfare Office

Dr Hagai Kats      Israeli Centre for Third Sector Research

Eilat Navoh          Hazavit Ha-3 (Hashlishit)

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