Volunteering in Israel

The National Council for Volunteering in Israel was founded in 1972 by the Israeli government. The organization was to act as an external body of the government and was responsible for reducing social gaps by encouraging volunteering. The council is one of the oldest volunteering organizations in Israel, and has been providing services for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers ever since its inauguration.

Since its development, the council has become an organization interested in unity. The council aims to unify individual volunteers, volunteer organizations, and groups that operate volunteers through their common purpose: volunteering. The council has become a reputable Israeli organization and is recognized both locally and abroad as the organization identified with volunteerism in Israel. In their endeavors, the council works with organizations that operate in many diverse areas, including: health, welfare, environment, education, international humanitarian aid, employment, absorption of immigrants, consumer aid, emergency aid, and more. As a result of their continuous work towards publicizing and unifying the volunteer sector, the National Council for Volunteering in Israel has been selected as the official Israeli organization through which volunteers in Israel are recognized by government agencies.  

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