Volunteering in Israel

Before the National Council for Volunteering in Israel's portal was inaugurated in 2005, there was no single platform where one could find information and communicate with various organizations in Israel's volunteering sector. The National Council for Volunteering in Israel (CVI) acts as an umbrella organization and manages the "Volunteering in Israel" portal with the help of various organizations, all with the goal of publicizing and acknowledging the flourishing volunteer sector.

The "Volunteering in Israel" portal is dedicated to centralizing the abundant information about volunteering in Israel into one place. On this site, you will be able to access information about volunteer opportunities, volunteer recognition, volunteer organizations, and volunteer news. Recently, the portal has expanded in order to attract the English speaking population. This expansion has resulted in increased user volume and in creating a wider volunteer following worldwide.

The portal has become an essential tool for volunteers worldwide. Volunteers know that the information they are receiving on the site is reliable and will assist them in their future volunteer endeavors. While the portal is obviously vital to volunteers, it is also fundamental for volunteer organizations. The portal acts as a liaison between volunteer organizations and allows them to use the site as place to share information and ideas concerning volunteers and volunteering. Additionally, the portal acts as a meeting place where the organizations can learn from their common experiences, coordinate their activities, discuss volunteering issues in forums, learn about different events, conferences, and courses available to them, and have access to articles about volunteering. The portal is essential to many organizations because it allows them to publicize their volunteer opportunities in a well-known location.

The portal is updated on a continuous, year-round basis in order to provide its readers with the most recent and relevant volunteer information. The collection of volunteer related content published in the portal is guaranteed to be accurate and up-to-date. There is plenty of information found in the portal including: information about different volunteer organizations in Israel (and abroad), the need/opportunities for volunteers, different types of volunteering, the volunteer code of ethics, forums, volunteer news, events, and volunteer honors and acknowledgements.

The goals of the portal are:

  • To aid in the exposure of material and information 
  • To contribute to the synergy of the activities in the volunteering domain
  • To raise the importance of volunteering in the eyes of different sources, such as government agencies, businesses, and the public
  • The portal aims to contribute to the future increase in the involvement of the public in volunteering activities, and to increase the professionalism of the volunteer sector

Please Note: The National Council for Volunteering is not a placement organization. Any questions you have regarding specific volunteer positions, including registration, must be directed to the appropriate volunteer organization. For your benefit, the contact information for each volunteer position is listed following the work description.

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