Volunteering in Israel
Open letter to volunteers and organizations
Dear Volunteers,
The National Volunteering Council in Israel wishes to express its true appreciation and admiration due to your blessed activity during both days of routine and days of emergency and crisis.

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The Omprakash Foundation is a free online database of volunteer opportunities around the world.

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Camp Koby takes that one thing that no one else can understand and no one else knows how to deal with and makes that the common thing between the campers."

Jewish teens enlisted to fight anti-Semitism in Germanys schools
As Holocaust survivors become rare, young Jews are being tapped to put a modern take on an old message
For years, the Jewish community in Germany relied on Holocaust survivors to be its ambassadors. Jews who made it through the horror were the ones with the moral authority to teach young Germans about the perils of anti-Semitism and the crimes of their forefathers.

The US firefighters volunteering to protect Israel's south
A profile of the American firefighters who dropped everything in order to protect Israel's burning south from Hamas' kite terrorism.

As part of Jewish Community Centers service day, volunteers help out around DC
Its the 31st year that the D.C. Jewish community hosted The largest event of the year for the Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, D.C.
Its one of our four major days of service, along with Thanksgiving

Jewish Volunteer Center in West Palm recruits volunteers for service projects
The Jewish Volunteer Center gives the opportunity for volunteers to go to the Center and participate in a variety of services, be it delivering meals to seniors, supporting literacy, or combating hunger, among other projects, in making our community better,"

Holocaust Survivors Unexpected Mitzvah
Carrying the weight of history on their aging shoulders, they greet visitors, share their memories and pose for pictures. Having survived the Holocaust as youngers, their memories of the atrocities are different than those who first staffed the same station when the museum opened its doors in 1993, less than 50 years after the carnage had ended in Europe. Their Hebrew names are Avraham, Yosef and Shalom, and they are all too aware of their position as the keepers of memory, among the last witnesses of the greatest crime in the history of humanity


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