Volunteering in Israel
Open letter to volunteers and organizations
Dear Volunteers,
The National Volunteering Council in Israel wishes to express its true appreciation and admiration due to your blessed activity during both days of routine and days of emergency and crisis.

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The Omprakash Foundation is a free online database of volunteer opportunities around the world.

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Ramping Up For The Yomim Noraim

Volunteers are dedicated to Homebound Mitzvah Program
mitzvah program averages approximately 400 volunteers each holiday. The volunteers will deliver 2,000 traditional holiday meals to the seniors on Sept. 6. They will also spend quality time with the seniors, many of them who are lonely, as the organizations hopes for the program are to diminish loneliness felt over the Jewish holidays.

Natural health service: wildlife volunteers get mental health boost
Research supports the idea that nature could be widely prescribed by doctors as a therapy, There has been extensive research on the health-damaging effects of the concrete jungle, so we should not be surprised that mental health is improved by the natural environment, said Prof John Middleton, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health.

Add beauty to your life, be a volunteer
There are studies showing that volunteering may lead to reduced dementia and improves elasticity of the brain. It also helps burn calories if you are in a volunteer position where you must move around, which is great considering the increasingly sedentary lifestyle we are getting exposed to.

Why volunteering should be a part of a leaders job?
Developing an employee volunteering program not only develops softer skills which are essential for people management but also functions as a very rewarding employee engagement, team and work and employee motivation tool.

Volunteering may be good for body and mind
Evidence of volunteerisms physical effects can be found in a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University, published this month in Psychology and Aging. Adults over age 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers.

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