Volunteering in Israel
Volunteers make special Rosh Hashanah deliveries to seniors
Recent annual Rosh Hashanah food program, presented by Jewish Community Services of South Florida and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, more than 750 volunteers .

For thousands of ZAKA volunteers, being on call means being ready to drop everything, grab their emergency medical kits and fluorescent vests and head off to the scene as fast as possible be it a terror attack, missile strike, natural disaster, building collapse, accident or even suicide.

Volunteering and Wellbeing
Volunteering can build value in our capital stocks in some obvious ways. For example, sports volunteering enhances the health of those who take part, while environmental volunteering helps to protect natural resources. But just about any kind of volunteering can contribute to social and human capital in the sense that volunteering is both a social interaction and an opportunity for learning and development

Jewish Chaplaincy Network offers programs to bring comfort, joy to those near the end of
JHCN is intended to enrich peoples lives until their very last moment, said Rabbi E.B. Bunny Freedman, JHCN founding director and CEO. The essence of the program is to think about the person whos living and how to give them a better life for as long as God wants them on this Earth

The secret to a long life? Britain's oldest volunteer shares some insights
BRITAIN'S oldest volunteer Ethel Davey celebrates her 100th birthday next week but she still lives in her own flat, walks everywhere and has absolutely no plans to retire.

Volunteering: The art of getting back more than you put in
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth, or so the saying goes, and researchers have continuously found evidence of the health and mental benefits of volunteering. But how do long-term, volunteers maintain their momentum and continue to give up their time? What drives groups of people to work together on projects?

Volunteering 2 hours a week can help ease loneliness, study finds
When loneliness strikes, volunteering can soothe a soul,
people who were lonely after losing a spouse felt better if they volunteered two hours or more a week, a recent study published in the Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences found.

Summer camp in Israel EMS included
the youth movement of the Orthodox Union, 22 of their fellow campers rushed to their rescue.These campers were wearing the orange vests of United Hatzalah, a nationwide voluntary first-response network.

NY service day aims to apply Rosh Hashanah spirit to volunteering
When I volunteered, I made a difference in my community and made a difference in myself, says Jordan Levine, 16. I feel genuinely good about participating and I cant wait to do it again.
levine was one of approximately 2,400 volunteers who participated in the service day convened by UJA-Federation of New Yorks Time for Good, the organizations volunteer program.

Volunteers Assist Military Bases, Tour Israel on New Programs
The volunteers, who differ in age and religion, do not learn what or where their assignment is until they arrive, though the VFI groups do stick together. The work they do cuts down on the soldiers workloads so they often can return home in time for dinner.

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