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Volunteerism in Israel
Almost one third of all Israelis are volunteers. In fact, Israel itself may be regarded to be the result of a very successful voluntary effort.

Volunteerism: The beautiful side of Israeli society
There are 24,000 active volunteer organizations in Israel.

Environmental volunteerism in Israel
Tens of thousands of environmentally minded citizens have already joined the system.

Guide to being a Kibbutz volunteer in Israel
This free guide will offer tips, hints and information on being a kibbutz volunteer.

Presiding over World WIZO, a network of 800 projects serving hundreds of thousands of children, youth and women across Israel, chairperson Rivka Lazovsky is in the business of changing lives

High schooler saves American tourist's life at Yad VaShem
MDA volunteer Yam Carmel was walking through the Jerusalem museum when he saw a man collapsed on the floor. Performing CPR, he was able to save the man's life.

The Israel Cancer Association on Tuesday expressed its sorrow at the death of Dr. Francine Robinson, who voluntarily initiated and managed the “Look Good to Feel Better” project.

More than 11,000 teenagers volunteer with Magen David Adom, making up 60% of its volunteer staff.

High school student Jamie Trepeck never realized the scope of poverty in Israel until she joined the effort to fight it.

Hundreds of former WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization) students gathered at the CHW Hadassim Youth Village in Even Yehuda for the official launch of WIZO’s Graduates Association, a network of alumni from WIZO’s schools and youth villages that will serve as a new volunteer body working for the improvement of Israeli society.

Thousands of Jews from across the world have volunteered with ALEH, an Israeli network that cares for children with severe disabilities.

You have probably seen Magen David Adom's motorcyclists riding along the Israel roads, rushing to provide medical response in scenes of emergency events, but have you ever met MDA's lady motorcyclists?

A delegation of Israeli volunteers arrived in Puerto Rico this week, where they will be spending three months volunteering in a summer camp for local youth and rebuilding a community center.A delegation of Israeli volunteers arrived in Puerto Rico this week, where they will be spending three months volunteering in a summer camp for local youth and rebuilding a community center.

GivingWay is a social-impact tech company that has created innovative solutions for nonprofit organizations in developing countries to bridge the technological gap and effectively connect with volunteers, donors and supporters across the globe.

Mitzpe Ramon volunteers will teach spoken English in area schools and help highlight the areas a tourist attraction.

Azriel Schnitzer, commander of the ZAKA delegation in Ethiopia, said, "We never encountered such a difficult situation. I was at the scene together with ZAKA volunteers".

“Last year 7,500 Taiwanese came to Israel and pretty much the same in reverse, and we want more."

My experience volunteering in Israel
There are many ways to travel Israel. Volunteering is a special way to get involved in a cause that speaks to you, make a difference in Israel and gain your own unique experience. There are programs for working with almost any type of community or subject you can think of (including conservation and wildlife rehabilitation!)

Ramping Up For The Yomim Noraim

Volunteers are dedicated to Homebound Mitzvah Program
mitzvah program averages approximately 400 volunteers each holiday. The volunteers will deliver 2,000 traditional holiday meals to the seniors on Sept. 6. They will also spend quality time with the seniors, many of them who are lonely, as the organization’s hopes for the program are to diminish loneliness felt over the Jewish holidays.

Natural health service: wildlife volunteers get mental health boost
Research supports the idea that nature could be widely prescribed by doctors as a therapy, There has been extensive research on the health-damaging effects of the concrete jungle, so we should not be surprised that mental health is improved by the natural environment,” said Prof John Middleton, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health.

Add beauty to your life, be a volunteer
There are studies showing that volunteering may lead to reduced dementia and improves elasticity of the brain. It also helps burn calories if you are in a volunteer position where you must move around, which is great considering the increasingly sedentary lifestyle we are getting exposed to.

Why volunteering should be a part of a leader’s job?
Developing an employee volunteering program not only develops softer skills which are essential for people management but also functions as a very rewarding employee engagement, team and work and employee motivation tool.”

Volunteering may be good for body and mind
Evidence of volunteerism’s physical effects can be found in a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University, published this month in Psychology and Aging. Adults over age 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers.

Volunteers make special Rosh Hashanah deliveries to seniors
Recent annual Rosh Hashanah food program, presented by Jewish Community Services of South Florida and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, more than 750 volunteers .

For thousands of ZAKA volunteers, being on call means being ready to drop everything, grab their emergency medical kits and fluorescent vests and head off to the scene as fast as possible – be it a terror attack, missile strike, natural disaster, building collapse, accident or even suicide.

Volunteering and Wellbeing
Volunteering can build value in our capital stocks in some obvious ways. For example, sports volunteering enhances the health of those who take part, while environmental volunteering helps to protect natural resources. But just about any kind of volunteering can contribute to social and human capital in the sense that volunteering is both a social interaction and an opportunity for learning and development

Jewish Chaplaincy Network offers programs to bring comfort, joy to those near the end of
JHCN is intended to enrich people’s lives until their very last moment,” said Rabbi E.B. “Bunny” Freedman, JHCN founding director and CEO. “The essence of the program is to think about the person who’s living and how to give them a better life for as long as God wants them on this Earth

The secret to a long life? – Britain's oldest volunteer shares some insights
BRITAIN'S oldest volunteer Ethel Davey celebrates her 100th birthday next week but she still lives in her own flat, walks everywhere and has absolutely no plans to retire.

Volunteering: The art of getting back more than you put in
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth, or so the saying goes, and researchers have continuously found evidence of the health and mental benefits of volunteering. But how do long-term, volunteers maintain their momentum and continue to give up their time? What drives groups of people to work together on projects?

Volunteering 2 hours a week can help ease loneliness, study finds
When loneliness strikes, volunteering can soothe a soul,
people who were lonely after losing a spouse felt better if they volunteered two hours or more a week, a recent study published in the Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences found.

Summer camp in Israel — EMS included
the youth movement of the Orthodox Union, 22 of their fellow campers rushed to their rescue.These campers were wearing the orange vests of United Hatzalah, a nationwide voluntary first-response network.

NY service day aims to apply Rosh Hashanah spirit to volunteering
“When I volunteered, I made a difference in my community and made a difference in myself,” says Jordan Levine, 16. “I feel genuinely good about participating and I can’t wait to do it again.”
levine was one of approximately 2,400 volunteers who participated in the service day convened by UJA-Federation of New York’s Time for Good, the organization’s volunteer program.

Volunteers Assist Military Bases, Tour Israel on New Programs
The volunteers, who differ in age and religion, do not learn what or where their assignment is until they arrive, though the VFI groups do stick together. The work they do cuts down on the soldiers’ workloads so they often can return home in time for dinner.

Finding Meaning and Happiness in Old Age
people have the potential to see possibility instead of problems; aging itself can be a catalyst for rich new experiences, offering a way to renew passions and reinvent oneselfare activities I once loved that I can no longer do, or necessarily want to do, like tennis, skiing and ice skating. But I can still walk, cycle, swim, and frolic with my dog, activities that have resulted in many unexpected pleasures and new friends

Mid-Island Y JCC Teaches Value of Volunteering
.”The Y’s amenities are plentiful, but they never detract from the organization’s focus on giving back. The volunteer program, which is currently seeking applications, consistently schedules events to connect with the community

For some seniors, a cultural shift and a vital volunteerism

Don’t Waste Your Time Volunteering…How to Do it Right
Volunteering is a kind of “medicine.” It keeps people—even those who aren’t retired—mentally alert and engaged with other people, all of which contribute to their overall health.

At senior communities, residents play part in maintaining Jewish connections
Many times residents invite family members and friends to participate in holiday activities, with the Passover seder being one of the most well-attended, says activities director Pichardo. She adds that non-Jewish residents often attend the holiday celebrations since “many of our Jewish residents openly invite their non- Jewish friends to join them during these programs and services.

How seniors in Allegheny County combat social isolation
Living alone puts seniors at an increased risk for social isolation, according to the report.
The problem goes beyond sitting alone in front of the television every night; research shows people who are socially connected have a lower chance of memory decline, more resistance to the common cold and even a reduced chance of a cancer reoccurring.

Travel When You Can Actually Take Your Time
By all accounts, retirees are traveling to more places than ever before. Destinations that used to be difficult or impossible to reach, such as Cuba or Antarctica, are now among the very hottest tickets, according to industry experts.

The world’s first innovation lab for healthy aging has been established in Beersheba. The lab, which will simulate the living environment of senior citizens in the future, will take on the increasingly complex challenges of today’s aging population.

Afraid of being bored in retirement? Consider these options
It’s true that retirement can be a dangerous time for some. Without a sense of purpose, the risk of depression increases, and what should be a relaxing time becomes an anxious one. Studies show that without anything meaningful to do, and “mental exercises” throughout the day, cognitive abilities diminish in early retirees.

Appreciating volunteers
The Jewish Pavilion and its Friends of the Pavilion Board are looking back with nostalgia and gratitude on the many dedicated and hardworking volunteers who have given so much of themselves since its earliest days

The strength of the Jews is the Jew next door
As part of this commitment, each year, Jewish Care selects two staff to represent it on the March of the Living. This year I was one of the fortunate applicants and I will never be able to repay the organisation for the opportunity.

40 volunteers undergo special training including rescue techniques at Home Front Command base.
The volunteers underwent rescue technique training that included orientation and conduct as professional rescuers in all types of disaster scenarios and earthquake, rescue medicine, and population intelligence alongside training for rescue and treatment of multi-casualty incidents.

Unique Israeli youth group is a world model for inclusion
Krembo Wings offers a social outlet for kids who can’t take part in other youth and scouting movements, pairing each with two able-bodied counselors.
Founded in 2002, Krembo Wings is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and teens with and without disabilities.
In a country where youth and scouting movements are a vital part of society, Krembo Wings provides a solution for those who otherwise can’t take part

A once in a lifetime opportunity
Every year JNF Australia and B’nai Brith put on the Changemaker awards which honours young adults in our community who have made a difference to society by volunteering to organisations nationally.

fighting long-term poverty by improving people’s reading ability
Our mission is to fight long-term poverty” by improving people’s reading ability, starting in the early grades, said Dan Weisberg, national director of TutorMate. The program recruits dedicated adults who don’t need to sacrifice a half-day in travel time to and from students’ schools in order to participate, he said

Supplies for Success for Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey
Volunteers are missioned to unpack and set up supplies on Monday and then fill up backpacks on Wednesday for the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey’s Supplies for Success drive. Volunteers fill brand-new backpacks with supplies for hundreds of disadvantaged kids returning to school

Joyce Raymond, 89, is known as “The Knitting Lady.” Every year, she knits over 100 sweaters for Israeli children and delivers them by hand.
For over 40 years, she has been travelling to Israel on an annual basis with duffel bags full of her handcrafted sweaters. She has a son who lives in Israel and spends six weeks of the year there

Yes we kendo! Volunteer Krav Maga Guides teach kids with cancer to fight the pain
The martial arts teachers have gathered in the coastal town of Herzliya to train to become volunteers for Kids Kicking Cancer Israel, a nonprofit that uses martial arts techniques to help children with cancer and other serious illnesses achieve a sense of physical and emotional well-being through free martial arts classes, counseling, and other kinds of support to their Families.

Volunteer unit trains for river rescue
Members of the Golan Rescue Unit in northern Israel undergo training in frigid river to prepare for strong tidal streams as a preparations before the winter and the rainy seoson.

Post army service, 23 Israelis volunteer in Mumbai school
Post army service, 23 Israelis volunteer in Mumbai school
Israelis—joining 'Heroes for Life' mission in India dedicated to memory of Maj. Daniel Pomeranz who was killed in line of duty during Operation Protective Edge—volunteer in local school for two weeks, teaching pupils math, English and environmental studies while helping renovate it

Vacation with a purpose
Israel is one of many countries enabling travelers to incorporate volunteer work while going on holiday. Activities include orphan assistance, lion rehabilitation, environmental preservation

Seniors crochet colorful gifts for Staten Island cancer patients
A delegation of staffers and friends from the Neighborhood Senior Center at the Avis/South Shore Jewish Community Center were on a mission when they visited the Nalitt Center for Cancer and Blood Related Diseases at Staten Island University Hospital.

Whoever saves one life saves the entire world
The J-SOS app relies on thousands of Chabad emissaries around the world who volunteer to offer assistance. The volunteers are overseen by country and continent directors.
When Jews and Israelis abroad encounter danger - be it a terrorist threat, a health scare, an accident or an earthquake or tsunami – all they have to do is push the SOS button on the app

The Health Benefits of Volunteering During Retirement Years
An estimated nine million Americans aged 65 and older volunteer their time each year. Seniors who volunteer at least 100 hours a year — just eight or nine hours a month — enjoy better mental and physical health. Aging experts believe it’s because volunteerism provides older adults with a sense of purpose that translates to a more physically active and engaged lifestyle.

Mitzvah Magic volunteers circle celebrates 10th anniversary
Now in its 10th year, Mitzvah Magic, a program of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona Women’s Philanthropy and Jewish Family & Children’s Services, brings together teams of volunteers (called “circles”), which are paired with families selected by JFCS. The families remain anonymous — the circles receive information about the number of people in a family and the ages of any children, along with a checklist outlining the family’s specific needs.

Volunteer to Help Others and Yourself
Aging gracefully: Seniors who volunteer benefit the most — emotionally and physically from giving to others. Volunteering may even lower the risk of heart disease.
Lower risk of Alzheimer's disease: According to the Journal of Gerontology, helping others can improve elasticity in the brain. This is particularly true for volunteers who are 65 years of age

Volunteering keeps older minds sharp
It’s the brain’s working memory and processing capacity that benefit the most from volunteering.” says Christine Proulx, an associate professor of human development and family science department at the University of Missouri.

Fall is the time for teens to volunteer and reconnect
It’s back-to-school time for Valley Jewish students, which means it’s also time to reconnect with various Jewish youth groups around the Valley.

Helping out in that effort is J Teen Connect AZ, a new grassroots initiative now housed by the Valley of the Sun JCC. J Teen Connect is aimed at increasing Jewish teen engagement by creating a central hub of information of all of the Jewish teen programs in the community.

Can A Great-Grandmother Serve In The IDF?
Ask Perrie Kamber Nordlicht if a great-grandmother can serve in the IDF and she will nod her coiffured salt-and-pepper-colored head. Perrie’s joie de vivre, her desire to keep giving and her ongoing good health make her the perfect candidate for Israel’s Sar-El program, a non-profit organization that places volunteers in different IDF bases to do non-combat work. Perrie, a great-grandmother many times over, is doing her eighth three-week stint this year.

TBM volunteers train for disaster relief in Israel
Yifat Sasha-Biton, member of the Knesset in Israel, spoke to TBM volunteers who trained to serve in her nation. She is pictured with Terry Henderson, TBM state director of disaster relief. (Photo / Ken Camp)

Volunteering with seniors can be fun
Having done a rotation in gerontology at a skilled nursing facility as part of his training, Jacob Cohen, 21 knew it would be rewarding to work with elders, and that's why he sought out The Jewish Pavilion to satisfy his degree requirement for 80 hours of volunteering. "I'm here because I like it. I have to volunteer, but I don't have to do this," Cohen said, adding, "I thought it was kind of fun up there" calling the game.

Living to serve: Conference shows how to ‘do Jewish’ by helping others
Jewish millennials viewed their volunteer service through a Jewish lens they tended to more fully engage with their work — particularly when that work tackled things such as food scarcity, social justice and education. And, as an added bonus, they more fully connected with the Jewish community at large.

Women and Men Give Differently, Even during Retirement
“How Women and Men Give Around Retirement,” discusses four key findings about changes in giving and volunteering throughout retirement. Of the groups studied—single men, single women, and married couples—single women were the most consistent and stable in their giving, followed by married couples, and then single men. Following gender differences in volunteering for all life stages

Toronto's Seniors with Skills offers older adults a place to volunteer
Volunteering at retirement residences for more than seven years, she recognizes that keeping seniors active in the community improves both senior health and community diversity

Veterans and PTSD: How Volunteering Can Bring Healing
healingPost-traumatic stress disorder affects hundreds of thousands of veterans nationwide. Many find ways to cope through counseling and support services, but some are finding volunteering to be a useful tool in further/

Bridging divides in Israel
Counterpoint camps allow American college students to connect with and understand disadvantaged teens, the service-learning initiative aims to help young Israelis boost their self-esteem and Jewish values, along with their English and computer skills, while at the same time instilling a sense of civic responsibility

President Reuven Rivlin meets delegation of South African volunteers and professionals, part of the “fifth tribe” of Diaspora Jewry.

3 Amazing Perks Retirees Can Get at Their Volunteer Jobs
There are myriad reasons to volunteer in retirement — chief among them giving back to your community or helping a cause you care about. But with nonprofit organizations eager to tap retirees’ copious free time, many offer gigs with sweet benefits — not just intellectual stimulation, but also insider access, freebies, and other perks .

New ‘Jerusalem’ neighborhood of Guatemala rises from ashes
Thousands of Guatemalans lost their homes to the Volcán de Fuego (“Volcano of Fire”) in early June. One hundred new houses for refugees are now being built thanks to a charitable initiative spearheaded by the Central American country’s rabbi in his capacity as head of the Guatemalan branch of Israeli search-and-rescue and victim identification

Four ways to prevent loneliness from wrecking your retirement
The emotional impact of loneliness in retirement is obvious – feelings of being isolated and misunderstood, with social interactions that lack meaning. But loneliness turns out to have financial ramifications as well.

Making the world a better place, for everyone
Nothing can make a person feel better or warm the heart more than bringing a smile to someone who feels he has lost hope. The Smile Foundation literally, and figuratively, brings a smile to the faces of so many, gifting more than 2,500 with a smile to date. “The Smile Foundation was established as a result of one determined mother’s quest to give her child a smile,” explains Hedley Lewis, CEO.

News at ten: More Mitzvah Day good deeds than ever
When Laura Marks established Mitzvah Day in the UK, she had “no idea it would take off like it has”. The key factor has been its inclusivity, Ms Marks reflected as the 2018 version was launched with activities at Norwood’s Kennedy Leigh Centre in Hendon.

Giving creates love
Akiva and Yiscah began volunteering at ALEH Jerusalem, an organization which helps cihldren with complex disabilities, three years ago.
together, the two advanced projects and initiatives for the children, organized a summer camp, and received an award for their excellent volunteering.

Leading By Example
“Service only for the sake of service is not our mission,” Sarah Allyn says. “We recruit volunteers from the Jewish community and bring them to Detroit to work alongside local community partners. Our mission is to set context and build bridges between the Jewish community and the communities we serve with a focus on food justice and education justice.”

Israeli Druze teens learn first aid, visit elders weekly
Young volunteers in the Carmel region join a nationwide program to monitor the health of seniors and provide companionship.
“I believe that one of the challenges facing Israel today is a lack of connection and understanding between our youth and the golden-years generation,” said Yasmin Kara, spokeswoman for the Druze Division of the General Federation of Working and Studying Youth in Israel

Presiding over World,WIZO, a network of 800 projects serving children, yout
WIZO’s 800 projects in early-age education, schools, youth villages, women’s empowerment programs, abused women’s shelters, and programs for the empowerment of girls and women, new immigrants and the elderly and coexistence initiatives throughout the country make WIZO a leading social services provider in Israel. With such a vast network,

Thousands of North American teens gather in Israel for NCSY mega-event
Held under the stars, the event featured a massive barbecue, concert and talk from incoming Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog. The NCSY participants are high-school students spending their summer vacation in Israel on various programs led by the organization.

“Camp Koby takes that one thing that no one else can understand and no one else knows how to deal with and makes that the common thing between the campers."

Jewish teens enlisted to fight anti-Semitism in Germany’s schools
As Holocaust survivors become rare, young Jews are being tapped to put a modern take on an old message
For years, the Jewish community in Germany relied on Holocaust survivors to be its ambassadors. Jews who made it through the horror were the ones with the moral authority to teach young Germans about the perils of anti-Semitism and the crimes of their forefathers.

The US firefighters volunteering to protect Israel's south
A profile of the American firefighters who dropped everything in order to protect Israel's burning south from Hamas' kite terrorism.

As part of Jewish Community Center’s service day, volunteers help out around DC
It’s the 31st year that the D.C. Jewish community hosted The largest event of the year for the Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, D.C.
“It’s one of our four major days of service,” along with Thanksgiving

Jewish Volunteer Center in West Palm recruits volunteers for service projects
The Jewish Volunteer Center gives the opportunity for volunteers to go to the Center and participate in a variety of services, be it delivering meals to seniors, supporting literacy, or combating hunger, among other projects, in making our community better,"

Holocaust Survivors’ Unexpected Mitzvah
Carrying the weight of history on their aging shoulders, they greet visitors, share their memories and pose for pictures. Having survived the Holocaust as youngers, their memories of the atrocities are different than those who first staffed the same station when the museum opened its doors in 1993, less than 50 years after the carnage had ended in Europe. Their Hebrew names are Avraham, Yosef and Shalom, and they are all too aware of their position as the keepers of memory, among the last witnesses of the greatest crime in the history of humanity

Jewish-run summer camps a welcome respite for refugee children
In addition to the usual activities, these programs for kids of new arrivals focus on cultural integration and giving parents leeway for work and education,
day camp for refugees run by the local Jewish Community Relations Council. It’s one of a few summer camps across the country for refugees run by Jews. The camps hope to acclimate the new arrivals and ease the load for their parents. But mostly they want to provide a relaxed

The organizations that help the IDF's 6,500 lone soldiers
We have set ourselves the task of standing beside lone soldiers and supporting them during and after their army service,' says FIDF CEO Maj. Gen. (res.) Meir Klifi-Amir

After founding health care in pre-state Israel, Hadassah continues to innovate
As Israel approaches its 70th birthday, the role of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America — the legendary women’s volunteer group Henrietta Szold founded to bring modern medicine to pre-State Israel is more resonant than ever.

Two of the pro-Israel group's flagship programs, among the many the Fellowship offers, are aimed at Israel’s elderly population and new immigrants.

American students get firsthand experience in Israel, MDA-style
Magen David Adom and Camp Ramah team up to offer teens an immersive internship program working as emergency responders, This summer,other teens are seeing firsthand how powerful it can be “to have that really personal connection with someone who is very sick,” she said, and how important a helping hand can be in a time of crisis.

Saving Lives Regardless: The Diverse Volunteers of Israel’s United Hatzalah
Israel may be the hardest country in the world in which to remain apolitical. This difficulty is felt even in the realms of EMS, where our goal is to simply save lives. The pressure can be intense, and while the sides in any conflict have reasons behind their actions

Volunteers For Israel Starts New Program
A 14-day program starts with one week of volunteering on an Israeli army base, followed by a week volunteering at an active archaeological-dig site supervised by the Israel Antiquities Authority at the foot of Tel Assar in the Haifa district,

Shomrim NW London Volunteers Honored by Police
Three volunteers from Shomrim NW London were presented Thursday with a letter in recognition for their brave actions in assisting police recently in apprehending two criminal suspects.

“There are so many people in Israel that need help.” says Jamie Trapeck
Trepeck volunteered at Pitchon Lev, a Rishon Lezion-based nonprofit organization that helps more than 200,000 people annually. It was part of her trip from Detroit, where 120 students spent a month in Israel, experiencing culture, visiting tourist sites and giving back to the country through volunteer work.

Bat Ami: Healing Hands
In Bat Ami – the organization for sherut leumi and social change – we accept young adults who have been rejected by other sherut leumi organizations, as well as the IDF, because of their difficult histories, and offer them the opportunity to volunteer and provide significant help to the community.

Rank and File: A Veteran Volunteer Is Honored
A VETERAN VOLUNTEER IS HONORED: Telfed’s longest serving volunteer, Annette Milliner-Giladi, has received the Immigration and Absorption Ministry’s Award of Excellence, the immigrant-support organization announced this week

Melbourne Jewish Care Celebrates Excellence Staff & Volunteer Awards
Melbourne’s Jewish Care Victoria have presented their Staff and Volunteer Service & Excellence Awards.
Over 200 staff, volunteers, Life Governors, Board Members, communal leaders and supporters gathered at the International of Brighton to acknowledge the exceptional service, innovation and teamwork of staff and volunteers at Jewish Care.

Volunteers From Jewish center Help “Spruce” Up Deserted Village
Mitzvah Mania is a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Metro West NJ. It provides students from age 12 to 16 with opportunities to organize and lead hands-on community service projects in Union, Essex, Morris, Northern Somerset and Sussex counties.

How the Jewish community is helping refugees integrate in Britain
The Jewish community responded to the refugee crisis in large numbers after the publication of the shocking image of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach in 2015.

The Women’s International Zionist Organization is really the first social start-up in Israel, said Tova Ben-Dov, president of World WIZO.
Ben-Dov, who will step down this week after completing her four-year term as leader of the women’s organization, sat down with The Jerusalem Post to talk about the past, present and future of WIZO, which is celebrating 95 years

About one-quarter of Holocaust survivors live in poverty, and more than half are unaware of the rights and benefits to which they are legally entitled,” Silberman said. “That could, if realized, mean the difference between a life of poverty and a life of dignity and physical well-being.”

A gap year dedicated to learning and volunteerism
“The Shalva organization is amazing,” said Waizer. “It’s just so easy and fun to work in the environment at Shalva. It is an incredibly special place where people from so many different backgrounds come to bond.”

ISRAID sends US dentists to treat refugees in Kenya
Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID set up a mobile dental clinic for one week in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, home to over 190,000 refugees from across the region, the majority escaping violence and instability in neighboring South Sudan.

Friends deliver knockout donation for Jewish befriending service
Two friends from London took a punch for refugees this week, by participating in a charity boxing event to raise money for a Jewish-run befriending service.
Daven Chopra, a volunteer befriender with the Jewish Council for Racial Equality’s JUMP project, and his Jewish friend Alex Springer, raised more than £1,000 for the JCORE Unaccompanied Minors Project (JUMP).

Mitzvah Mania youth community Volunteers Help “Spruce” Up Deserted Village
A group of student volunteers from the Mitzvah Mania youth community service program visited the Deserted Village of Feltville last month, but not to search for ghosts. They were there to plant spruce trees and pine trees as part of a Union County Adopt-a-Park project.

The focus is children who are high risk. Children who are from single-parent families, families that are low-income, or abusive, or where there are addictions issues. We make sure the kids get a proper education and get through school. They come to our centres for hot meals and homework assistance.

london anaesthetist and Hatzola doctor wins prestigious award
Dr Asher Lewinsohn of Edgware, London wins Government's volunteering award and apologises to family for 'many missed dinners,
while helping Jewish emergency ambulance charity Hatzola has been awarded a coveted British Citizen Award for Volunteering.

Child heart surgery NGO first Israeli charity to win UN Population Award
The organization founded by surgeon Dr. Amram Cohen 21 years ago has treated children arriving from More than 20 Third world countries.
The organization brings children to Israel in groups of four to seven at a time, accompanied by an adult from their place of origin. A parent or a relative accompanies children under the age of three.
The children are first brought to the organization's children's home in Holon, where the live before and after the surgery. The average stay time is 6-8 weeks, depending on the child's condition, recovery time, and the accompanying adult's ability to travel back with the child.

In nation’s capital, Jewish teens with disabilities offer summer help to homeless, hungry, seniors
Students with a wide variety of disabilities, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning and attention issues, mental-health challenges and other disabilities are improving the lives of people in need in Washington, D.C.

This summer, volunteers will visit lonely, homebound seniors to help them celebrate Shabbat, volunteer with young cancer patients at a local hospital, and prep a Jewish school for the upcoming school year. Volunteers learn about management and project administration, Jewish traditions, how to set goals and objectives correctly, and the best tools to build community.

Changemakers shine
Perth’s Carmel School graduate Talya Faigenbaum and current Year 12 student, Gila Cherny recently won in their categories at the JNF B’nai B’rith Jewish Changemaker Awards in SydneyGraduate Shayna Slotnar has been selected to represent Australia at the Diplomatic Seminar for Young Jewish Leaders Summit in Israel

Rank and File: Volunteers Clean 2,250 Pounds of Trash at Jaffa Beach
If you’ve ever looked at an Israeli beach and thought, “Wow, there must be a ton of trash there,” you’re probably right. Last Friday, 75 volunteers from Plastic Free Israel picked up 1,019 kilograms (2,250 pounds) of trash at Midron Yaffo Park in under two hours.

MDA Volunteers Celebrate 38 Years Of Paramedic Training
MDA boasts being Israel’s largest volunteer organization with 2,000 employees and 22,000 volunteers and ‘Ne’emanei Chaim’ responders. 1,275 paramedics are operating in MDA today, serving all the populations including Jewish, Arab, Christian, Druse, new immigrants, veteran Israelis religious and secular.
The paramedics include 697 employees and 578 volunteers, of which 28 are serving in national/civilian service. 975 of the paramedics are men and 300 women.

A staff member observes A Birthright's Special Needs trips
imagine a single ​Birthright group of not 40 participants, but only​ of​ 10​.​ Ten participants with special needs. You will be surprised to discover that the difference between this group and ​other groups is not ​vast.
Over the past few months, I have coordinated a large number of Taglit-Birthright Israel groups, two of which ​were of special needs participants.

Chabad’s CTeen Cares Program spreads community kindness
Teens dedicated the week to the memory of their friend Adi Wolff: Highlights include car washing and soup making, basketball and boot camp.
Jewish teens from throughout Orange County spent a week recently dedicated to community service in the memory of their friend Adi Wolff of Monroe, who was a member of the CTeen Club.
“The greatest gift we can give our teens is giving,” says Chana Burston, who co-directs Chabad of Orange County with her husband, Rabbi Pesach

Volunteer dedicates his life to Jewish community
Louis Vener was just nine years old when his father handed him a paint-roller and encouraged him to pitch in on a community synagogue-building project in 1950s Chula Vista.Nearly 60 years later, the La Jolla resident is still pitching in for his community. He recently finished up a 15-year stretch on the board of Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS) and is now in his ninth year of delivering kosher meals to housebound seniors and the disabled

Jewish Federation director a tireless humanitarian
The Jewish Federation of Volusia and Flagler Counties has a board of directors and about 40 volunteers. It also sponsors other events, such as bringing in internationally known speakers, that are free and open to the public.
amnong programs the federation has been involves in : the Jerry Dolinar Food Bank, the School Supply Back Pack program and the newest program, the Disaster Aid program. For the latter money and/or supplies are sent wherever the need exists, such as internationally to the disadvantaged in Israel

Redbridge Jewish Community Centre volunteers recognised at MIKE awards
A hundred and ten young people participating in the Mike (Motivation, Inspiration, Knowledge and Education) programme received certificates at an award ceremony in the Redbridge Jewish Community Centre

Knesset honors Israel’s outstanding Anglos
Nefesh B'Nefesh-led Bonei Zion prize focuses on recipients' contributions to the country

Why People Love Volunteering in Israel
In Israel, volunteerism is a core part of the culture. Israeli children spend many hours each week involved in community projects through their youth movements.
n Israel, volunteerism is a core part of the culture. Israeli children spend many hours each week involved in community projects through their youth movements. Through the army or Sherut Leumi, young adults commit a few years of their lives to serving their country. New Olim, who come to Israel with passion, drive, and the desire to contribute to Israeli society, find themselves making a bigger impact than they ever imagined possible.

The President emphasized that there are National Service volunteers working in every department of his office. “We would not be able to function without them,” he said

Holocaust survivors share their stories over meals with volunteers in an expanding circle of support
"There are over 300 Holocaust survivors living in Orange County that we know of," said Cally Clein, manager of the Holocaust survivor program for JFFS. "And a large percentage of them are living at or around the poverty line and are very isolated."

"Many of them were traumatized as children, teens or young adults, so it affected their ability to create stable relationships in their family circle," she said.

A special day made this sick boy's dream come true
A letter received by United Hatzalah rescue service asked that they help a sick child feel first hand what it was like to volunteer in a rescue organization. Volunteers from the organization provided the child with an ambulance to take him from place to place as well as monitoring his health throughout the day

Judaism on Kindness to Animals
“tsa’ar ba’alei hayim,” the requirement “to prevent the suffering of living creatures”
Americans cherish their pets, but few realize that the responsibility to care well for them is mandated and even stressed throughout the Bible and Jewish literature.
Jews can take pride in our ancient laws and traditions that, for thousands of years

Jewish Pet Rescuers Find a Heartfelt Calling
Jews are a vital part of the pet rescue industry in Georgia, from the national to the local level and from volunteer to staff member. Most of those involved with sheltering and fostering animals see it as their responsibility to give back to their community and to care for those who don’t have a voice, but bring so much unconditional love to humans

Ezer Mizion Highlighted at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC.
Ezer Mizion, Israel’s largest non-profit organization providing health support services in Israel and The Jewish Bone Marrow Registry around the world, was prominently featured by The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at its recently held policy conference in Washington for its growing efforts and contributions in Israel, the United States and around the world with a special emphasis on its global bone

Volunteers, Locals Join Forces to Fight Arson Attacks from Gaza
We focus on the ground, in order to direct forces to the fires and prevent them from spreading, not on the kites and balloons as we don’t have the tools for that,” Doron Cohen, deputy to the CEO of Hashomer HaChadash tells the volunteers as they prepare for the afternoon shift at one of three look out posts manned by the HaShomer HaChadash (The New Guardians), an NGO that provides security and protection to remote agricultural communities. Other organizations such as the kibbutz movement man additional posts in the area

Why Volunteering Is Good For Your Career As Well As Your Soul
Many volunteering opportunities provide extensive training which may also benefit you in the workplace.
Develop your interpersonal skills and build your networks - Volunteering brings together a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Mission to Israel strengthens Chicago Jewish women’s connection to Israel
Forty women traveled with the group, 11 of them first-timers to Israel. During the mission, they have journeyed through the Old City of Jerusalem and celebrated Shabbat at the Kotel. We shared Shabbat with Bat-Galim Shaar, mother of Gilad Shaar, one of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and murdered during the summer of 2014.

Prime Minister honours mother of terror victim for volunteering venture
Marsha Gladstone has been recognised for the work of the Yoni Jesner Foundation
Gladstone a mother of a young Glaswegian killed in a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv in 2002 has been honoured by the Prime Minister for the volunteering charity she founded in his name.
Gladstone is the one of the latest recipients of the Points of Light award, recognising those who inspire others and make a difference within their communities.
Ms Gladstone set up the Yoni Jesner Foundation in memory of her late son's commitment to social action.

Volunteers for Israel dig into new program starting this fall
Volunteers for Israel, a 36-year-old nonprofit organization that encourages American Jews to lend their services to help the Jewish state, announces a new pilot program that tacks on archeology to its endeavors from Nov. 18 to Dec. 1.

How volunteering became outreach for millennials distanced from the Jewish community
As a college student, Jake Max assumed he would work in banking or consulting after graduation. That was the path favored by many of his classmates.
But after experiencing the 2016 presidential campaign his senior year at Emory University, Max was spurred to action and decided to apply for a yearlong social justice fellowship
Max spent the next 12 months volunteering at food pantries and soup kitchens across Brooklyn, working as a soccer coach for disadvantaged kids and attending events by different nonprofit organizations

Israelis join week-long operation to rescue 12 boys trapped in Thailand cave
Israeli rescuers have been part of an international effort to reach 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped for more than a week in a flooded cave in Thailand, and have told Israeli media that some divers involved in the operation are now feared dead.

The Volunteers Who Hug Babies Abandoned in Israel's Hospitals
300 babies are abandoned in Israel each year. Sivan Almoz, director of an organization that sends volunteers to be with those often ill infants, talks about her work and her own rough start.

Meet the refugees who sought sanctuary with Jewish volunteers
we speak to the men rebuilding their lives in the heart of our west London Jewish community,He is a Sunni Muslim, but on the door he opens each night after work there is a mezuzah, and his housemates are a Jewish couple in their 70s.
He is one of 850 refugees to be offered a safe place to live through Refugees at Home — a British charity aiming to connect those with a spare room with asylum seekers and refugees in need of accommodation.

New website centralizes Jewish volunteer opportunities
When the new website Mitzvah Hub, , launches this fall, it will become much easier to find volunteer opportunities within the Jewish community, building a library of potential volunteer opportunities. and will launch the public-facing side of the project, which will consist of volunteer opportunities organized by category and include the most up-to-date contact information.

Jewish Pavilion volunteers bring joy to senior residents
A huge and sincere thank you goes out to Rebecca Kleiman and Susan Bernstein who have become devoted Jewish Pavilion volunteers.

A Jersey teen wins national award from Hadassah
Allison Kashan committed to ‘changing the world’ and hopes to change the world for the better, the 17-year-old junior is off to a good start. Thanks to her academic achievements and numerous activities in both the Jewish and general communities, Allison is one of two winners of the national 2018 Leaders of Tomorrow Award from Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America.

Tomorrow’s Jewish doers and leaders
So many Jewish institutions are asking how they might engage younger people, raise a new generation of leaders and appeal across age groups. How might they advance the Jewish journeys of their volunteers, followers and “users,” and take them further toward greater interest in and commitment to Jewish life

Volunteers honored for service and inspiration
The prize is awarded every year to 12 individuals and organizations who through their volunteer activities, have made valuable contributions to society.
This is the 44th year in which the prizes were awarded.

Rank and File: Volunteering Is Good for Your Health, Says ESRA
HONORING THE VOLUNTEERS: ESRA, the English Speaking Residents Association, honored over a dozen people at its biannual Volunteer Award event

Rank and File: 40 Young Immigrants Arrive in Israel, Ready to Serve in the Army
A group of 40 young immigrants from the United States landed in Israel on Wednesday, and all plan to volunteer in the Israeli military in the coming months.

Daughter of Nazis awarded for saving lives in Israel
EMS volunteer Tina Berkovitz converted to Judaism, works in an Israeli ER - and is the daughter of Nazis.

The main goal of Tuesday’s nationwide event is to build stronger communities through getting people to take their first step towards making volunteering part of their daily lives.

Israeli backpackers volunteer in Rio’s slums to remember a friend
'Heroes for Life' group teaches at and renovates elementary schools in impoverished favelas, in memory of Brazilian youth killed in Israel

For these veteran immigrants who volunteer at United Hatzalah, contributing to Israel is a way of life.

Yes we kendo! Volunteer martial artists teach kids with cancer to fight the pain
What makes you stronger? Nonprofit Kids Kicking Cancer finds the answer in breathing, punching and kicking - and paying it forward

Tupelo to Israel: Longtime teacher sees dreams come true through trips abroad
TUPELO – Allen Cayson has been a school teacher and coach for the past 28 years. He loves his work, but he’s long had two dreams that both seemed out of reach until recently: to be in the military, and to travel to Israel.

Special needs volunteers to operate kennels on bases around the country.

That Time That a Group of Druze Teenagers Set an Example For the Rest of Israel
“I believe that one of the challenges facing Israeli today is a lack of connection and understanding between our youth and the golden-years generation.” So said Yasmin Kara, the Spokesperson for the Druze Division of The General Federation of Working and Studying Youth in Israel (NOAL). Kara hails from Daliyat al-Carmel and has just instituted a program that she sees as bridging this gap and helping connect these two isolated social groupings.

At the Rehabilitation Kennel at Hadassah Ne’urim Youth Village, both children and the animals they treat are able to heal.

Watch: The Israeli-Arab Santa who volunteers at children's hospitals
Nichola Abdo, 58, has been volunteering as Santa Claus for the past 30 years. He visits special ed schools and children's hospitals, giving out presents, singing carols and putting a smile on every child's face.

One hundred senior representatives from the Toronto Jewish community met with young alumni of the Jewish Agency’s Project TEN this week in Israel.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) runs activities in eight different countries.

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